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Greyhound Personality Spectrum

DogsofAvalonSix dogs circled around me and began jumping on me. One managed to put its paws on my shoulders. The others nearly knocked me off my feet. They were exuberantly curious about me, sniffing my body and licking my hands. There was a wildness to them. They had never been tamed and had astonishing strength. As a pack, they were unified and powerful—and slightly terrifying.  I sat down on a ledge, thinking it might calm them down, but this only gave them more access.  Noses in my ears.  A mouth around my hand. Tongues licking my cheeks, noses sniffing.  One took my pocketbook and carried it to its bed.  Across the room, three dogs remained in their spaces on the ledge—not interested.

~Excerpt from The Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril by Laura Schenone, as printed in The Bark magazine, Summer 2017.

For me, this passage perfectly sums up the complicated essence of the greyhound: exuberant, lazy, curious, nonchalant, tame, untamed, and…nesty!

Kilroy Long Legs

Greyhounds have supermodel legs: long and skinny.

Along with super long appendages comes the inevitable awkwardness of maneuverability.

What’s a greyhound to do with those things when it’s time to get cozy?

He can spread them out…


…curl them up…


…cross the fronts…


…cross the fronts and the backs…


…make a pillow…


…make one disappear…


…do the T-Rex…


…or tie them up in a knot!



Do Dogs Pout?

Kilroy does!

A greyhound’s bed is sacred territory.  Not only is comfort paramount to a greyhound, but his bed is just that—his.  The breed is known to form very intense bonds, even with inanimate objects like beds, blankets, and stuffed toys. They seem to truly love what they consider to be theirs.

Thus, newness is often rebuffed, even if it’s a nice, fluffy bed for his 7th birthday!


The standoff lasted 4 days.

Wash day came around, and Kilroy’s bedding disappeared for cleaning. He became desperate for alternate accommodations.

Begrudgingly, he resorted to his new bed.


After a few hours, the merits of a new bed were finally acknowledged.  He now loves his new bed!

So fluffy!

Lucky # 7

Another benefit of greyhound adoption is being able to find out exactly where your dog came from.  Thus, we know that today is Kilroy’s birthday!

He is 7 years old!

Kilroy’s day was awesome and awful.

The awesome part was hanging out with his humans all day.  Even better, he had some Frosty Paws doggy ice cream (and a few brain freezes).

What do you get a greyhound who has everything?  A new bed, of course!


…which he is actively ignoring. Greyhounds do not like change.  But he’ll come around after a few days.  He can’t resist fluffy.

The awful part of the day was rain and thunder and a sporadically scared greyhound.  So unfair for the birthday dog!

A Close-Knit Family

They’re a special, home-loving breed who love soft things and hours of meaningful idleness.  They are incredibly detail-oriented (some would say finicky) and are very concerned about keeping warm.  They can usually be found on the couch and have the endearing quirk of hoarding things which strike their fancy.

I’m talking about knitters, who are an awful lot like greyhounds!

So, knitters are perfect for greyhounds, and vice versa.

Kilroy is involved in every one of my knitted projects. He watches me knit, sleeps nearby while I knit, sometimes steals a skein of yarn, and always gets in the way when I try to take photos of my finished products.

But mostly, he’s just happy when we are stationary, relaxed, and in close proximity.  As a fellow homebody, so I am.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), greyhounds are ideal knitwear models